Effect of plyometric training and agility ladder training on agility, speed and jump performance in tennis players


  • Hemanshi Kanabar MPT Parul Institute of Physiotherapy, Parul University, Gujarat, India.
  • Rushi Gajjar Assistant Professor, Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College, Ahmedabad, Parul University, Gujarat, India.
  • Gaurav Patel Principal – Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College, Ahmedabad, Parul University, Gujarat, India.


Tennis,, stabilization exercises, speed, performance, agility


Background: Tennis is one of the field sports which is played by a different age group. It requires an intense amount of speed, agility and performance. Lower limb injuries are the most common injuries in a game of tennis. Muscular sprain, ligament strain, menisci injuries and bony ailments are the most common form of injuries during the game. The aim of the study is to evaluate the effect of plyometric training and agility ladder training on agility, speed and jump performance in tennis players.
Method: A comparative study was designed on 40 tennis players on basis of inclusion and exclusion criterions. The players were randomly allocated into Group A (n=20) a plyometric training group and Group B (n=20) agility ladder training group. An Illinois agility test used for evaluate agility, A 20-meter sprint test was used for evaluation of the speed and a standing long jump test for the analyze the effect of jump performance. Before and after data were compared and analyzed by the SPSS and Microsoft excel.
Result: Within group analyses of all outcome measures were suggested significant effect (p<0.05) on all outcome measures for both the groups. Between group analyses of the data was suggested significant effect (p<0.05) on all outcomes.
Conclusion: Individually both the approaches were concluded a positive effect on agility, speed and Jump performance. Inter-comparison of the both approaches were suggested improvement in jump performance in plyometric group. However, speed and agility were improved in agility ladder training group.


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