Effect of fertility massage versus yoga in polycystic ovarian syndrome


  • Puja Gandhi Master of Physiotherapy student, Ahmadabad physiotherapy college, Parul University, Gujarat, India.
  • Rinkal Parmar Assistant Professor, Ahmadabad Physiotherapy College, Gujarat, India.
  • Gaurav Patel Principal, Ahmadabad Physiotherapy College, Gujarat, India.


polycysticovariansyndrome,, Fertilitymassage, YOGA, Hospitalanxiety,, depression scale, polycystic ovarian syndromequestionnaire


Background:  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome has been commonly seen in women, with a prevalence of 4-7% it consists of symptoms such as hirsutism, obesity, acne, alopecia, infertility, acanthosis nigricans, fertility massage is treatment in which massage is given with fingertip in between ASIS and pubic symphysis on the ovarian region on both sides in females, yoga therapy consists of a variety of asanas carried out for reducing anxiety and depression in PCOS subjects.

Methodology: 40 subjects were randomly divided into massage and yoga groups, with 6 weeks for 5 days week for 3o mins massage and yoga for 20 mins with outcomes such as hospital anxiety and depression scale and polycystic ovarian syndrome questionnaire.

Result:Calculated using SPSS version 26 were paired t-test was done for within-group and unpaired t-test for between-group comparisonp<0.001

Conclusion: Fertility massage and yoga showed significant improvement in anxiety and depression but fertility massage showed more improvement.


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